Mission Statement

We want you to choose us as your primary financial institution.

Our Mission Statement

what we stand for.

First NRV Credit Union cares for our Members’ needs with efficiency, integrity and interest.
We provide the communities in which we operate access to an innovative, relevant, and integrated product range.
These products and services will be provided in a mutually beneficial cost structure that inspires growth and development both for our Members and the Credit Union.

Our Vision

what our goal is.

First NRV Credit Union is committed to making a positive difference in the lives of our members and in the communities that we serve.
We want to be the financial institution that our members choose first, use the most, and grow with. 

Small Beginnings - From 1937 to Today

always remembering where we came from.

First NRV Credit Union was first chartered on June 4, 1937. This was done to help serve the needs of the employees of the Radford Pipe Shop, and was originially named the "Radford Pipe Shop Employees Federal Credit Union".

  • As the years went by and the Radford Pipe Shop closed we decided it was time for a new name.

  • We took on the name First NRV Credit Union in 2017.

  • The year of 2017 brought many other major changes with it as well, one of those being the successful merger with Carroll County School Employees Credit Union.

  • We are extremely excited for this opportunity, and we look forward to the growth that we can achieve together in the coming years!