Be a part of something better, something different.

Our Mission

to make a difference

First NRV Credit Union's mission is to make a difference.
We are passionate about matching the right solution to the right financial need.
We are here to provide financial security by offering real solutions for the needs of our members.
We care deeply about providing a unique experience to the communities & members that we serve.


Our Vision

be different

First NRV Credit Union’s vision is to be different.
We are dedicated to upholding the credit union difference.
We stand for something bigger than just ourselves, we are people helping people.
We are here to support not only our membership, but also the communities in which we serve.


Small Beginnings - From 1937 to Today

always remembering where we came from

Our credit union was first chartered on June 4, 1937; that means we are over 80 years old! Our Credit Union was chartered to help serve the needs of the employees of the Radford Pipe Shop, and was originally named the "Radford Pipe Shop Employees Federal Credit Union".

  • As the years went by, the Radford Pip Shop was eventually closed.

    • This led us to start thinking about a name change, and inevitably led to us becoming the First NRV Credit Union.

    • Come get a more in-depth lesson on our early history by stopping by our credit union today!

  • In 2017, First NRV Credit Union successfully merged with Carroll County School Employees Federal Credit Union.

  • In 2018, we successfully expanded our membership fields into the areas of Carroll County, Floyd County, Galax City, Pulaski County, Radford City, & Wythe County.

  • We are very excited to be able to offer our credit union difference to all of the communities that we serve, and we look forward to spreading a truly beneficial experience throughout our new membership fields. Here’s to even bigger and brighter days ahead! Come grow with First NRV by joining today!