LIMITED TIME OFFER: 1.65% Club Checking Account - 12 Month Term

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Premier Membership


  • Additional Free Services:

    • Faxes

    • Money orders

    • Cashier checks

    • Prepaid VISA cards

    • Domestic wires (incoming & outgoing)

  • Plus These Awesome Perks:

    • 1 free order of checks per year

    • no annual fee on our VISA credit card (ever)

    • Entitled to a 0.10% increase on one of our share certificate rates

    • Reduced loan rates on consumer loans

    • Reduced closing costs on mortgage


Please call 540-639-0885 and speak to one of our Member Service Specialists to find out how you can become a premier member today!



  • Earn $10 for both you & the friend/family member that you bring to open a new account with us!

  • Must be a new member. New account will not have access to reward money for the first 30 days following the account opening. Our current member will have immediate access to their reward money once it is approved & deposited by management.

Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC)

Prime for Life + No Closing Costs!

  • First NRV Credit Union is now offering HELOC accounts to its members at Prime Rate* for Life with no closing costs!

  • Restrictions do apply, and all loan & credit applicants are subject to a credit check. No exceptions will be made.

*Wall Street Prime Rate = 5.00% (this rate is defined by the Wall Street Journal, and is not set or controlled by First NRV Credit Union)

Now Available: Mobile Banking

stay mobile.

  • We have been working with one of our service providers to create a mobile application for both Android & iOS mobile devices, and it is now live for all of our members to access and use.

  • Please visit the necessary app store to download it to your personal devices (from the Google Play or Apple Store) and be able to check your balances with the press of a button. You can find the app by searching for words “1st NRV” or “First NRV”.


STAY IN THE KNOW: Helpful Topics

Stay Smart. Stay Secure.

stay aware of fraud & scams.

  • Stay in the know about the current risks associated with data breaches & fraud!

  • Don't let poor security practices lead to a breach of your own personal or financial information.

  • Staying aware of the current risks of data breaches and how to better safeguard against them is the first step in protecting your information.

  • The article below is from Cuna Mutual Group, and it has some very useful information that will help you to better safeguard your finances and your personal information!

Recent Phone Scam from 2018

those Slippery little devils…

Within the year of 2018, fraudsters continued to step up their game with new methods in an attempt to access individuals personal and financial information. The most recent method seems to be rather smart, so make sure to stay in the know! Fraudsters have recently been masquerading themselves as individuals calling from YOUR antivirus provider.

  • These fraudsters will call and tell you about some major risk to your security & privacy.

    • This is done in an attempt to throw you off, and make you feel afraid of the potential risk they have described, when in reality the person on the phone is a much larger risk to your personal and private information.

    • Once they have you afraid, they will attempt to trick you into giving them access to your personal computer or device. DO NOT GIVE THEM ACCESS.

    • If you let them in, you have given them full access to your device, and they can then begin to collect your information. They may also download files onto your device which can steal your information (social security number, credit card numbers, etc).

Trust Your instincts.

Make sure to stay in the know about the current fraud trends. Trust your gut feeling, and always try to stay one or more steps ahead of fraudsters and scam artists. Empower yourself with knowledge, and protect your information!

Online Shopping - “Is it really free?”

always read the fine print.

  • Don’t fall victim to clever phrasing of words on the internet while shopping.

  • We know that the word “free” can be rather enticing, but you should always read before you agree to anything.

    • More often than not, these sites offering free products have fine print that will disclose monthly
      or annual charges for services or subscriptions rendered.

      • These types of charges are not seen as fraudulent by dispute departments,
        and will normally not be refunded to the individual who signed up for these charges.

        • This is why you should always read the fine print! You never know what you might be agreeing to!


  • If a product or service on the internet is being labeled as “free”, why does the company need you debit/credit card information?

    • Simple response, it isn’t free. It’s being cleverly advertised to trick you into signing up so they can charge you.

  • How does the company stay afloat financially if they only offer free products & services?

    • Generally, companies need to make profits in order for them to stay afloat. If they say it’s free, it usually isn’t. Read the fine print!

The Difference: Credit Unions vs. Banks

What is the Credit Union Difference?

  • What Is a Credit Union? A credit union is a nonprofit, member-owned cooperative that provides financial services to its members.

  • Credit unions focus on saving and borrowing, but they may offer other common banking services as well.

  • Credit union membership is based on a certain field. These membership fields can be occupational, associational or geographical.

  • If you qualify, your first deposit also counts as your first purchased share. This makes you a member and partial owner of the credit union.