Share Certificates

Share Certificates


Share Certificates are almost exactly the same as a Certificate of Deposit (CD), except they don’t share the same name! These accounts are opened up with a specific amount of money, but once they are opened the funds within the account cannot be withdrawn and you cannot deposit any additional funds to the account.


In order to access the money within these accounts, you must allow the pre-disclosed term of the account to reach full maturity. Once the account has reached the end of its term, you may access the money or roll it back into another Share Certificate so you can earn more interest on the deposited funds.

  • Promotional Offers on Share Certificates are not eligible for renewal at the promotional rates.

  • After the initial maturity of the certificate, there is a 10-day grace period to make changes to the renewal and/or disbursement method.


Share Certificate Rates

Share Rates - effective 4/1/18 Current Rate APY** Type
Share Certificates - effective 04/01/2018      
1 year 0.60% 0.601351%  120 day interest penalty for early withdrawals
2 year 0.75% 0.752112%  120 day interest penalty for early withdrawals
3 year 1.00% 1.003756%  120 day interest penalty for early withdrawals
5 year 1.25% 1.255872%  120 day interest penalty for early withdrawals


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