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In order to join First NRV Credit Union, you must live, work, worship, or attend school in Carroll County, Floyd County, Galax City, Pulaski County, Radford City, or Wythe County. You can also qualify for membership by meeting one of the following requirements:

  • Work for or own a business and/or other legal entities within one or more of these fields of membership.

  • You are a spouse of deceased person who was within the fields of membership of this credit union.

  • Members of the immediate families or household of any of the groups listed above.

  • All organizations of such persons who fall into our membership field through the requirements listed above.


Banking, But Better.

Once a member, always a member.

Once you join First NRV Credit Union, your membership is for life. You can even change jobs, move to the other side of the United States, or get married and we will still honor your First NRV Credit Union Membership! All you have to do to maintain your $5 minimum balance within your Membership Savings Account, and you will always be a First NRV Credit Union Member!

Taking advantage of our Direct Deposit, Mobile Banking & Deposit, BillPay, and Free ATM Network allows our members to live or work anywhere in the United States while still enjoying the benefits of their First NRV Credit Union Membership.

It’s All About our Members

Credit Unions stand for something bigger than just maximizing their profitability as a business. Credit Unions symbolize what it means to have a mutually beneficial relationship. In this case, when Credit Unions thrive, they then return the gains they have received to their members in the form of lower fees, better loan rates, and higher return rates on savings accounts.



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