New & Used Auto, Truck, Motorcycle, & 4-Wheeler Loans

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Buying a vehicle can be a thrilling experience. Get even more excited by locking in a great auto loan rate with First NRV Credit Union today. For more information on auto loans, refinances, and more; please call 540-639-0885 and speak to one our auto loan specialists today! For interest rate information, please scroll to the bottom of this page.

  • New & Used Auto Loans

  • Motorcycles & 4-wheeler loans

  • Interest Rates for Auto Loans starting as low as 3.99%

  • *LIMITED TIME OFFER* - Free GAP Insurance, and 60 Days with zero payments

    • To see if you qualify, contact one of our loan officers today.

  • Call ahead to setup an appointment with one of our loan officers to be pre-approved for a certain amount.

    • That way you can have your budget set, and then you can go test driving!

RV, Motor Homes, Campers, & Boats

Camp like a Champ. Buy an RV today!

Do you dream of travelling cross-country in an RV, or maybe spending your weekends riding a boat on one of our local lakes? Either way, First NRV Credit Union has you covered. Offering flexible terms at low rates, First NRV Credit Union is the place to finance for all of your RV & boat needs. For interest rate information, please scroll to the bottom of this page.

  • New & used loan rates apply! Call (540)639-0885 to speak to one of our loan officers today

  • This loan type is only applicable for RVs, motor homes, campers & boats

  • Interest rates starting as low as 5.74% APR for RV, Motor Home, & Boat loans

Interest Rate Information

New and Used Auto, Truck, Motorcycle, 4 Wheelers

Grades are a combination of FICO score and other conditions. A>740; B = 739-660; C = 659-580; D = 579-530; E = 529-0

Grade / Months 6 - 24 25 - 42 43 - 54 60 - 66 72 - 84
A 4.74%* 4.99%* 5.49%* 5.99%* 6.49 - 6.99%*
B 7.49%* 7.74%* 8.49%* 8.99%* 9.49 - 9.99%*
C 9.99%* 10.99%* 11.99%* 12.99%* 13.99 - 15.99%*
D 15.99%* 16.99%* 17.74* 17.99* N/A

RV, Motor Homes, Campers, Boats

Financing of credit union products such as GAP, warranty, credit and/or disability may cause loan to go over max allowable for all A & B grades.

Grade / Months 6 - 24 25 - 36 37 - 48 49 - 60 61 - 72
A 5.99%* 6.49%* 6.99%* 7.49%* 8.49%*
B 8.99%* 9.49%* 9.99%* 10.49%* N/A
C 11.99%* 12.49%* 12.99%* N/A N/A
D 15.49%* 16.99%* 17.49%* N/A N/A

*All potential loan interest rate adjustments/discounts will be assessed during the loan application process, please see loan rates & more section for a full list of applicable loan discounts and credit score grades.

* All loans are subject to credit approval. This is based on your associated credit score and various other factors. Interest rates are based on credit history and underwriting factors. Program, rates, terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. Restrictions and limitations may apply. First NRV Credit Union reserves the right to amend these loan rates & lending services at any time. Interest rates on individual loan accounts are dependent on credit score and other factors. Interest rate discounts are not guaranteed for all loan applicants. Please call 540-639-0885 to learn more about our loan discount requirements. First NRV Credit Union’s NMLS #1448213 .