Share Rates - effective 02/01/2019 Current Rate APY** Type
Regular Shares 0.50% 0.50% $25,000.00 and above
  0.25% 0.25% $500.00 to $24,999.99
  0.00% 0.00% $5.00 to $499.99
Checking 0.10% 0.10% Average daily balance $100.00
Christmas Club - effective 04/01/2018 0.25% 0.25% 1st early withdrawal is free.
Every early withdrawal afterwards,
a $10.00 fee will be applied.
IRAs 1.50% 1.504%  
Share Certificates - effective 02/01/2019
1 year 1.75% 1.764105%  120 day interest penalty for early withdrawals
2 year 2.00% 2.018436%  120 day interest penalty for early withdrawals
3 year 2.10% 2.12033%  120 day interest penalty for early withdrawals
4 year 2.25% 2.27335% 120 day interest penalty for early withdrawals
5 year 2.50% 2.528846%  120 day interest penalty for early withdrawals

*APR  =  ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE.  **APY  =  ANNUAL PERCENTAGE YIELD.  Dividends set at end of each quarter and paid quarterly on all but checking which is paid monthly.

Fee Schedule

APPROVED 10/04/94  *Revised 02/01/2019
Unlike most financial institutions, First NRV Credit Union continues to offer many convenient services free of charge. However, in some instances the Credit Union incurs a cost from another organization that performs or provides a service. In most cases, this cost is passed on to those members who use this service.

Free Services

  • ATM Transactions at the Credit Union

  • Balance Inquiries at the Credit Union

  • Phone Withdrawal/Transfer at the Credit Union

  • Regular Share Savings Monthly Service Charge

Service Fee
New Membership Fee $10.00 (cash) - $5.00 membership fee, $5.00 share deposit
New Membership Fee (Online) $10.00 (BluePay) - $5.00 transaction fee, $5.00 share deposit
New Account Fee (Current Members) $5.00 - no fee, $5.00 share deposit
Mailed Statement Fee (members less than 65 years old) $1.00 per month 
 Early Withdrawal on Club Accounts  1st for free, and a $10 fee applies afterwards (account will be closed if a $0.00 balance occurs at any point)
 Check Cashing Fee (if avg. daily balance is below $100)  $5.00 per check
 Copy of Cancelled Check  $2.00 per check
Statement Copy   $1.00 per copy
 Account Research (Reconciliation)  $25.00
 Official Credit Union Check  $3.00 per check
 Early Acct. Closure (closed within 90 days of opening)  $5.00
 Electronic Funds Transfer Fee (more than 6 transfers from savings within 1 month - Regulation D)  $20.00 for each transfer past the 6 transfer limit
 Fax Fee  $2.00 per item
 Inactive Acct. Fee (After 1 year of no activity)  $5.00 per quarter ($20.00 per year of inactivity)
 Incoming Wire  $10.00 per wire
 Money Orders  $2.00 per money order
 Open New Account  $5.00 per account
 Outgoing Wire (Regular)  $25.00 per wire
 Overdraft Fee for Items Paid (Checking, ACH)  $35.00 per paid item
 Returned Mail/Returned Statement Fee  $5.00 per returned piece of mail or statement
 Replace Plastic Card (Lost, Broken, or Stolen)  $10.00 per item
 Overnight Debit Card Fee  $35.00 per item
 Return Fee for Items Not Paid (Checking, ACH)  $35.00 per returned item
 Stop Payment  $25.00 per item
 Mortgage Verification Letter  $10.00
 Legal Fees (Subpoenas, tax liens, etc.)  $50.00
 ACH Origination Fee (1 fee per setup)  $25.00 per origination
 Chargeback Check Fee  $35.00 per item
BluePay Transaction Fee (ACH or card) $5.00 per transaction
BluePay NSF Returned Item Fee (ACH) $10.00 per returned item
BluePay Reversal Fee (ACH) $25.00 per reversal

Automated Teller Machine (Credit Union’s) Fee
Foreign Cards $2.50 per transaction [9/27/2016]

Automated Teller Machines (Other than the Credit Union’s) Fee
Balance Inquiries Checking/Savings (PLUS System Only) $ .50 per transaction
Point of Sale Transactions (Not currently Available) $ .10 per transaction
Transfer from Checking/Savings (PLUS System Only) $1.00 per transaction
Withdrawal from Checking/Savings (PLUS System Only) $1.00 per transaction

*Disclosure: The Board of Directors of the First NRV Credit Union reserves the right to amend these rates. Notification of such changes will be forwarded to all First NRV Credit Union members.